Customize to your heart's content.

Your workflow is unique. Your CRM should match that.

Turbosales allows you to customize products, services, and add custom fields.

Unlike other CRMs that only let you write some notes about each deal, allows you to create specific products and services, and custom fields for each type.

This provides

Better searchability

Better analytics

More clarity as to what is happenign

Integration with automailers & email blasts

You shouldn't have to fight your CRM software. It should fight for you.

Customize Products & Services

Gather exactly the information you need for any lead - and search it.

You can add any number of custom fields to your products and services.

Add whatever kind of input you want a dropdown with different choices, checkboxes, date and time, number inputs, big textareas, addresses, and more.

You can build search queries on any of these custom fields. This gives you insane flexibility, and helps see exactly the leads you are looking for.

For example, let's say you made a product called a T-Shirt. You could add "Color" and "Size" as custom fields. Then you can run a search for leads that want "Red" T-Shirts that are "Large".

Add skus for further detail

Skus allow you to set up some common customizations for a product. For example a "Large" and "Red" TShirt might be a sku.

Flexible product and service categories

Categorizing products and services let's you do even more

Any custom fields you add to a product category will apply to anything in that category.

For example, if you have a "Cell Phones" category, you might add a "Carrier" custom field. Any phones in that category will now have the "Carrier" custom field automatically

Product & service categories have an Incredibly flexible hierarchy

With a simple, but clever mechanism, you can create categories, grandparent categories, great-grandparent categories, and more.

In fact, you can add just about as many levels of categories as you like, creating a big category tree.

Automailers and Smart Email Lists can be configured to respond to anything in a specific product or service category instead of just individual products and services. This makes for less work for you, and less chance of letting a potential customer fall through the cracks

Add custom fields to Leads and People

Custom fields on leads give you additional flexibility

You can add custom fields to any products you'd like. But what if you want to add a custom field to a lead itself?

You can add as many custom fields to leads as you'd like

Not only does this let you store whatever information you'd like, but also it let's you search and filter based on any custom fields you've added. When combined with's insanely powerful query system, you can find exactly the leads you are looking for quickly.

Setup pipelines that match YOUR sales workflow

Pipelines let you keep track of where a lead is in the sales process.

Unlike many CRMs which only allow you to have one pipeline, has incredibly flexibility, allowing you to construct as many lead pipelines as you wish.

Your sales process may be different for different products. Turbosales gives you the flexibility to model that.

Add notes for each pipeline stage so that you never forget what to do.

Experts agree that having a plan is critical for any sales process. When you add notes to pipeline stages, they will show up on all your leads so that you never forget the right approach to handling each stage, even when you're having a bad day.

Turbosales lets you filter your leads list by any stage in any pipeline.

That means you can see leads in similar stages, even if you have a different method for closing different types of sales.

Fine grained user permissions management

Grant permissions in line with your company culture

If you have a smaller organization where everyone can be trusted, giving everyone admin access may be the best route to go.

As your organization grows though, having an effective permissions system is critical. Turbosales lets you grant specific privileges to your employees as you see fit. By default, standard users can't edit or delete anything created by anyone else.

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