Close the sale with email marketing is some of the most powerful email marketing software on the planet

Instead of asking you to go out and set up a whole new email system alongside your CRM like mailchimp or constant contact, has all the functionality you need built in

That means easier setup, better analytics, and better automation

Let's see how that happens

Smart Email Lists

Stop wasting time keeping your email list up to date

Turbosales lets you set criteria for your email list and then automatically regenerates it whenever you want to send out an email. Instead of having to set up an API between your CRM and your mailing solution, can handle everything for you.

With's email blast platform, if you make a mistake when creating your email list, it's a sinch to fix. Just change the criteria, and you'll get a new, fixed list next time you send an email blast. With other solutions, however, you'd have to clear out your contact list and do a whole new import. Blech!

Your email - all in syncs with your email - so you can view and send emails from

What's so great about that? Well for one, It's convenient.

What's more, will add tracking code to any email you send from So you can see anytime somebody opens any emaill you have sent.

You can build email templates that include placeholders for a person's name. Then when you select a template to send, it will automatically insert the person's name. This is not just for email blasts or automailers. This is for your own, individual emails as well.

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you can sell.


Sell while you sleep

Follow up is 90% of getting almost any sale

Most people won't buy on the first opportunity you give them.

They may be interested, but they just need a push to pull the trigger.

That's where automailers come in

By sending a targeted sequence of followup emails in response to an event, you can significantly increase how many sales you make.

And of course, automailers are way easier to use than "drip" mailers for other companies. Once again, the fact that everything is integrated into makes life a whole lot easier.

Instead of having to set up fancy integrations, with, you can just set up a few quick rules. For example, when a new lead is created, automatically start somebody on an automailer.

Build emails with the Drag and Drop editor

Build pretty emails has a powerful drag and drop email builder so you can build super high quality emails quickly.

Add images, buttons, and social media links, or even some custom HTML!

Or build emails with the Monaco code editor by Microsoft

This is the same editor in the hugely popular VS Code editor by Microsoft

Build perfectly crafted emails

The Monaco editor is the engine behind what many consider to be the best text editor ever.

It features all the things you are used to in an editor, including auto format, multiple cursors, and syntax highlighting.

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