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There are 377.00 thousand people in Pound, and EVERY ONE OF THEM NEEDS INSURANCE.

But will you be the one to sell it to them, or someone else? can help you sell most effectively

Activity Dashboard

Everything you need to know, all in one place

If a lead emails you about an insurance policy, or even opens an email, you'll see it here. When a lead confirms or cancels an meeting you scheduled, it will show up here. If you sent out an email blast, you'll get statistics on it here a day later. If you assign a lead to one of your employees, it will show up in their dashboard. The insurance CRM gathers basically everything you need to know and puts it here.

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Insurance CRM Lead History Hub

See all your previous interactions with a lead at a glance

You can see what insurance they've bought from you in the past. You can see when they have opened any emails you have sent. You can even hook up your email so that every email you send, and every reply they send back is logged in the history hub.

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more insurance you can sell.

Health Insurance Facts for Pound, Wisconsin

If you sell health insurance, here are some intersting statistics on health insurance plans with the ACA (as of 2018)

Turbosales works with ANY kind of insurance sales (or any other sales for that matter).

Here are the names of Insurance providers on the Insurance Marketplace:

The highest individual deductible is $7,350.00

The lowest individual deductible is $2,000.00

The highest monthly premium for a couple aged 30 with two kids is $2,579.12

The lowest monthly premium for a couple aged 30 with two kids is $1,266.62

The CRM is the perfect tool for helping you help your customers get on the best health insurance plan possible

If you don't sell health insurance, no worries. Turbosales is a completely customizable CRM and will suit any kind of insurance sales.

Powerful Email marketing software for Pound insurance salespeople

Mass Email | Automailers

Turbocharge your insurance sales with

Send out targeted mass emails based on customer interest.

Deliver automated email messages about selling insurance with the insurance CRM's powerful automailers.

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Product & Service Customization

The power to do more

Enter in custom fields for your insurance products. You can specify dropdown choices, text, number fields, and more.

You can also make multiple SKUs for products so you can better keep track of what you are selling.

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Access your CRM info from your phone

Create leads, events, and tasks from your phone.

Add notes, view your calendar and more

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Powerful Query Builder has a massively powerful search function

Anyone can intuitively build powerful queries so you can find the leads you need to make sales

You can filter through potential sales by insurance type. That way you can see, for example, all the people who want auto insurance.

With simple drag-and-drop functionality, you never have to worry about whether you have the right syntax

You can do all kinds of groupings, filter by custom fields, products, services, and even the last time you emailed a lead

Easy to use

That means that your employees can learn how to use it quickly and easily. CRM is a fantastic aid for insurance salespeople in Pound, Wisconsin

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